We’re thrilled to announce that today, Ocean Sun and NHPC Limited came together for a digital Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing!
🔍 What Happened? The event was attended by distinguished guests, including ambassadors from India and Norway. Warm welcomes and introductions set the tone for an engaging session. Insights were shared by the ambassadors, followed by presentations from NHPC and Ocean Sun. The official signing of the MoU marked a significant milestone, concluding with closing remarks and expressions of gratitude.
🤝 Why it Mattered: This partnership between Ocean Sun’s innovative FPV technology and NHPC’s expertise in hydropower marked a significant step towards a sustainable energy future. The intention is to initiate the construction of a 2MW demonstration project in one of NHPC’s existing hydropower reservoirs in 2024.
🌍 Engage with Us: We were delighted to have everyone join us for this historic event as we work towards a cleaner, greener world.