Ocean Sun AS is the owner of an IPR portfolio including several patents and patent applications in all major markets. Our core innovation is a floating solar system based on rigid PV modules mounted on a hydroelastic membrane. The method enables lower cell operating temperatures by direct thermal contact with the waterbody. Systems can be built at a low capex and the best PV performance in the industry. Ocean Sun has an alliance with GCL System Integration on high-volume manufacturing of dual-glass modules adapted for the floating membrane.

We offer license agreements where developers and independent power producers are granted the right to utilize patents for their own projects.

Since 2016, Ocean Sun has done extensive research and experimentation in basin laboratory and built test systems for rough waters on the Norwegian West coast, in the Strait of Johur in Singapore and the Magat Dam in the north of the Philippines.

Clients can gain access to a wide portfolio of research, numerical modelling results, 3D models, material specifications and design guidelines. Ocean Sun does not manufacture components but can assist at any stage of the project development. We offer the best floating PV system in the industry and our engineering staff is accomplished across the full product development spectrum; from ideation and innovation, through user insights and product development, to analysis, product testing, volume manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance. Ocean Sun collaborates with industry partners on all necessary components for your project. We grant clients the right to use our patents to realise the best LCOE in the floating solar industry. The details of a royalty agreement can be arranged at your convenience.


Innovation Norway and Norwegian Research Council supports Ocean Sun. In addition, Ocean Sun collaborates with universities and research institutes. The Ocean Sun technology is patented or patent pending in several countries around the world.


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