Ocean Sun’s core innovation, a floating power system with solar panels mounted on a thin hydroelastic membrane, offers a unique solution to the world’s energy needs. Our technology offers renewable energy at world-beating cost levels enabled by the water body’s cooling effect, which lowers the solar panels’ operating temperature and increases their power output.

Since 2016, extensive research and experimentation have been carried out in laboratory and pool tests. Prototype systems have been installed and are operational in the rough waters of the west coast of Norway, in the Straits of Johor outside of Singapore and at the Magat Dam in the Philippines. The prototypes have been followed by a full scale demonstrator for Statkraft at the Banja hydropower reservoir in Albania.

Ocean Sun has established relations with world-leading suppliers of all components in the Ocean Sun solution and high-volume deliveries are readily available. This factor, combined with the lean design and higher PV yields enable our systems to be rapidly deployed and to deliver the best Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) in the industry.

Ocean Sun owns an IPR portfolio, including numerous patents and patent applications in all major markets. We do not manufacture components but offer license agreements, whereby developers and independent power producers are granted rights to deploy our technology for their projects. We collaborate with industry partners on all necessary components of our client’s projects. Clients gain access to our wide portfolio of research, quantitative modelling results, 3D models, material specifications, and design guidelines. Our engineering team is accomplished in the full product development spectrum – from ideation and innovation through user insights and product development, to analysis, product testing, volume manufacturing, installation, operations, and maintenance. We are confident that we offer the best floating PV solutions in the industry. Please get in touch if you would like more details.


Ocean Sun is a privately held company headquartered in
Norway, with regional offices in Shanghai and Singapore. The company is
supported by Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway and
collaborates with universities and research institutes. Our technology is
patented or patent-pending in numerous countries around the world.


Dr. Børge Bjørneklett

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Nenad Keseric

Chief Operating Officer

Alexander E. Telje

Chief Commercial Officer

Karl Lawenius 

Chief Financial Officer

Kristian Torvold

Director North East Asia

Are Gløersen

Director South East Asia

Sigmund Bragstad

Technology certification

Alexander Millan Eide

Product design

ZhongYi Du

Vice General Manager China

Bei Bei Wu

Supply Chain Manager