The company Ocean Sun was founded in 2016 to make a change in the solar industry – and potentially to the energy sector as a whole.  The company’s vision is to provide the technology that rapidly makes clean energy production the cheapest alternative to large populations around the world. The new technology will enable large-scale solar developments on coastal seawater, lakes and reservoirs the like.  Ocean Sun can make a significant impact on the conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The company was established by Børge Bjørneklett, Øyvind Rohn and Arnt Emil Ingulstad


Innovation Norway and Norwegian Research Council supports Ocean Sun. In addition, Ocean Sun collaborates with universities and research institutes. The Ocean Sun technology is patented or patent pending in several countries around the world.


Børge Bjørneklett

Chairman and CTO

Arnt Emil Ingulstad

Board member and CSO

Thomas Moe Børseth

Board member

Brian Glover

Board member

Tor Andenæs

Board member


Øyvind Chr. Rohn

Chief Executive Officer

Bård Johansen

Chief Financial Officer

Harald Schytz

Chief Operating Officer

Sigmund Bragstad

Technology certification

Alexander Milan Eide

Product design

Seokjeong Hyun

Structural analysis and hydro-dynamics

Are Gløersen

Director Ocean Sun Asia

Kristian Torvold

Business contact China

Ocean Sun AS
P.O. Box 168
N-1325, Lysaker