An Ocean Sun system consists of one or multiple floaters anchored side-by-side to build larger power plants. The anchoring system is designed to take local water depth, wave, current, and wind conditions into consideration. The floaters are towed into place.

OS 75

Capacity – Module dependent

~650 kWp


75 m

OS 50

Capacity – Module dependent

~280 kWp


50 m




Capacity (Module dependent)

~650 kWp

~280 kWp


75 m

50 m

System components

OS patented PV-modules

  • Dual-glass monocrystalline silicon module
  • Front-mounted extra water-ingress-protected junction boxes
  • Marine-grade aluminium profiles on the sides for installation
  • Panels delivered with industry standard warranty

Double keder

  • Welded on the membrane for module installation

Reinforced membrane

  • Ocean Sun proprietary formula
  • Certified for drinking water applications
  • UV protected and antifouling
  • 20-year lifetime in saltwater

Bilge pumps

  • For removing rainwater and spray from the membrane


  • The mooring system, including mooring rope, bridle lines, shackles, and chains, is designed according to standard NS 9415 and the system design premises.
  • Rated for waves and typhoon class 4 (270 km/m wind speed) 
  • DNVGL Statement of Conformity [3]


  • Smart string inverters on ring, fan-less, fuse-less, IP66, designed for double glass modules without grounding
  • Leakage current and residual current management
  • Monitoring system

Buoyancy ring

  • Virgin HDPE100 material
  • Welding according to ISO 21307 or equivalent local code for pressure pipe design welding
  • Structural strength in adherence with NS 9415 and the design premises.


  • Medium voltage step-up transformers
  • Mounted on-shore or on a floating barge, depending on location and client preferences

Direct cooling from water results in up to 10% higher energy yield [1] compared to both ground-mounted and pontoon based floating PV systems [2].

The map shows the ± 45° area in which Ocean Sun’s technology will maximise the efficiency gain from thermal dissipation

System Certificates and statements:

  1. Institute of Energy Technology paper: “The Performance of a Floating PV Plant at the West Coast of Norway”
  2. Verified by DNV Singapore
  3. DNV Statement of Conformity, No 10173296-1


Solar Power Plant Ocean Sun patent WO2017/209625 and patent WO2020/040643 in addition to other pending patents, design registrations and trademark