Haiyang (offshore)

Project overview

Ocean Sun and Sunneng has signed an agreement for the construction of a 0,5 MW offshore pilot connected to a wind turbine in Haiyang, Shandong province.

The project is funded by State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), a Chinese state-owned power plant investor and the world’s largest PV asset owner. The project is Ocean Sun’s first truly offshore installation, and the first offshore wind and solar hybrid project utilizing SPIC’s existing power infrastructure.

Shandong Province is projecting the construction of 42 GWp of floating solar installations in the next few years.

Successful execution of the present projects will make Ocean Sun a strong contender for parts of this volume. The Haiyang pilot with SPIC also has a significant upside, because the remaining wind turbines at the site can also be connected to floaters, creating an opportunity for a 20 MWp installation in 2023. This is one of several SPIC-owned wind power plants in the area.

Key data:

Expected date of commissioning: Q4 2022

Customer: Sunneng Technology

Size: 0,5 MWp