Haiyang (offshore)

Project overview


Ocean Sun is involved in an ongoing R&D project with the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC). The projects involves sea trials of Ocean Sun’s technology in exposed waters (10 m waves) in the Yellow Sea. A first round of sea trials started in October 2022 and was completed in May 2023. Based on learnings from the first sea trial, design improvements are made to the offshore version of Ocean Sun’s design. We expect that the next phase of the project will involve further sea trials with an updated design. 

SPIC is the world’s largest PV asset owner and will likely be a major contributor to the Shandong Province’s plan for 42 GWp of offshore solar in the next few years.

Key data:

Date of commissioning: Ongoing R&D project

Customer: SPIC

Size: Sea trial 1 – 0.5 MWp