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Ocean Sun unveils a bold solution to our global energy needs
The Company

Ocean Sun has since April 2017 successfully tested an offshore floating solar installation near Bergen, Norway. The new technology will enable large scale solar developments on oceans, lakes and reservoirs. At present there is no commercial solution for large scale offshore solar available. Offshore solar will give access to vast new areas for renewable energy development. Half the world’s population live in coastal areas, and more than three quarters of the worlds megacities are located by the sea. Ocean Sun can make a significant impact to the conversion from fossil to renewable energy. Ocean Sun was founded by Børge Bjørneklett and Øyvind Rohn in 2016. Shortly after Arnt Emil Ingulstad joined the management team.

The Market

The market for floating solar on freshwater reservoirs already represents a TW-scale opportunity, as announced by Asia Clean Energy Summit 2017. In a study conducted by Multiconsult, the offshore solar market was estimated to 500GW by 2040 in South East Asia alone. A 1 TW market would require investments in the order of 1 trillion USD. Ocean Sun, with it’s a patented solution, is positioned to take a pioneering role in this market.

The Concept

Ocean Sun introduces an efficient, low cost and durable solution for floating solar. The technology is based on modified silicon solar modules deployed on special floating structures. Increased energy efficiency is obtained by low operating cell temperatures achieved through direct heat transfer to water. The modules are installed on very large floating structures with superior seaworthiness albeit minimum use of material. The hydro-elastic property of the thin polymer support membrane prevents breaking of waves and salt water intrusion, similar to the effect of “oil on troubled water”. The power plants can be dimensioned to withstand harsh offshore conditions. All system components are based on environmentally friendly materials with a minimal CO2 footprint.


Innovation Norway and Norwegian Research Council supports Ocean Sun. In addition, Ocean Sun collaborates with universities and research institutes.